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Coaching for Fulfillment

Alcohol is one of the most normalized substances in our society. This can complicate things when make the choice to change our relationship with it. A big question we encounter being - who am I without alcohol?

This is an experience I am familiar with.

If you find yourself in this scenario, there is light at the end of the tunnel. More than that - there is genuine fulfillment.

Changing your relationship with alcohol is about more than just reaching a goal out of sheer will power. It's about identifying your visions, goals, and values. It's about exploring what holds you back and what motivates you to move forward. It's about celebrating wins and learning through setbacks - a natural part of the change process. And most importantly, it's about learning and re-learning what brings you joy without alcohol.

If you are ready to make a change, to find your balance, and to experience fulfillment - reach out.

Let's connect.

If you enjoy the exploration of visions and values, hosting small group vision board workshops is something I particularly enjoy. Check out the resources link below for more information, and contact me to schedule.

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Areas of Focus


Stress Management


Alcohol Use


Overall Wellbeing


Work-Life Balance

A Little About Me

Beyond coaching and my involvement in the holistic community here in Tulsa, I work in the Oil and Gas Manufacturing Industry. So feel free to speak... freely!

I am from the state of Ohio and value quality time spent with family and friends. So my husband and I like to travel to and from Ohio when we can. I enjoy volleyball, swimming and yoga - activities you will find me doing almost year round. I also like to get creative in the kitchen, snap photos of nature, write as a hobby, and spend time with my pets.


I have personal experience with the challenge of removing alcohol, implementing new hobbies, and generally learning to be grounded again while processing complicated grief. Reconnecting with what I value, what brings me joy, and how to implement more of these things in my life is one of my reasons for becoming a coach.


Connection and community are important to me. This is why I use my business platform to create workshops that incorporate play and foster both of these values!

To find out if we are the right fit for each other, follow the link below to set up a free consultation!

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