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The Story Behind the Logo

I don't know if anyone who is reading this watched the show "Dark" on Netflix, but I am starting to feel like every step I take with these blog posts, my business, and my website, is connected. "Everything is connected." Each time I pursue something new, it all folds back in to where I began. So today I am revisiting my choice of logo.

This logo is something I created online from a personal photo that I took many years ago of the White Oak Tree that sits on my grandma's property. My grandparents decided to build their house on this property because my grandpa was fascinated with this tree. It is over 200 years old - in fact, we recently got confirmation that it is at least 250 years old. When he passed away, the oak tree was engraved on his headstone.

The oak tree is special to me because my grandpa added a swing to it, and I spent a lot of my childhood there on that swing. The area is quiet and serene to me. I always associate it with tranquility and will often walk down to the tree when I am home to visit.

I enjoy the concept of the tree being my logo because it is earthly (of course); but because it symbolizes life and also death to me. Something about the tree brings me comfort when I imagine the unknown, and think of people I love that are no longer here with me. Like many people, I associate trees in general with family, but this tree specifically, I associate with my childhood - and so ironically, my roots in nature. I suppose that maybe the Oak Tree is more of a metaphor to me in this way? Someone well-versed in English please chime in and confirm for me.

So that is the backstory on why this logo is what it is. I may change the design someday since I am lucky enough to have creative friends who like to play around with such things. But until then...



Kelly Wolfe
Kelly Wolfe
Jun 27, 2023

Love that tree and sorry to hear about the recent loss of yours. Fun fact- Had some of my senior pictures taken up in a tree. Will have to see if I can unearth that beauty 🤣

Myranda Wolfe
Myranda Wolfe
Jun 28, 2023
Replying to

LOL I would loveeee to see those. You need to dig them up!

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