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A Quick Introduction to Earthbound Wellness, LLC

There is something really unfortunate about when you tack on the title of "Coach" to your name these days. The title is misused by so many people on the internet that it feels like the general public can become apprehensive when conversing with you, even when your intentions are pure.

It's almost like the newest era of MLM.

My biggest fear for myself and my business is to be perceived as someone who will rope you into something you do not want or need in your life. It is just simply not indicative of who I am as a person or what I see as my business's purpose.

This has been heavy on my mind lately, which is why I think today is a good time for me to reintroduce myself. I have some new subscribers, which is so exciting because as you all know - I love writing this blog! So if you are new here, this is a little bit about my background, who I am, and what my business platform allows me to do!

My Background

I have a BA in Business Administration, and consequently, a lot of my background is in Corporate America: supply chain, sales, manufacturing, distribution - Oil and Gas, specifically. I am passionate about manufacturing processes because I like to know how things are made, and to understand what it takes to make them. Remember that show, "How it's Made?" I love that show. In supply chain, you get to play an active part in sourcing materials to make things - which is why I enjoy it. But having 4 years of experience in hospitality through working at a high end golf course in college, I also have a special love for sales and customer service.

Honestly, neither of those fields are rainbows and butterflies, given the supply chain crisis that began in 2020 and just the Oil and Gas Industry in general... it really does take a special kind of person to handle either end of that spectrum. If you're in supply chain, you're the dumping ground for everyone's problems internally, and if you're sales you're the dumping ground for everyone's problems externally. There's no winning! But I still choose manufacturing over distribution any day. I find it so much more fun to contribute to a product being made than a product being sold.

So Who Am I?

The topic of the Oil and Gas Industry is a perfect segue for me explain a little bit about me. Even as a coach, someone who is meant to take your negative mindset and reframe it, I struggle with my own cynicism. My sense of humor can reflect that and my language belongs in a manufacturing shop. That being said, I always try to meet people where they are so I'm not dropping f*** bombs to someone I know would not appreciate it.

I feel I could be described as a realistic optimist. I have always landed somewhere between heavily grounded, and also... a large part of me knows you could be the next President of the United States if that is what you want to do.

I grew up in small town Ohio. I played basketball and volleyball through childhood and high school. I enjoy hospitality and providing for others. I like to think I live a slow life, in the country with my husband and our pets. I always thought I would end up in NYC when I was younger and maybe I would have had my work not moved me to Oklahoma where I met my husband, who knows. Now, I think it's a better spot to visit than to live and I am grateful to be here on the cusp of the South and the Midwest.

I strongly value my health, both mental and physical. I can appreciate the challenge that is involved for any person trying to gain some type of control over their own. I also value community, connection, quality time with friends and family, nature, autonomy, self-expression, and comfort. My hobbies are reflections of each of these values. I enjoy traveling to spend time with people I care about, snapping photos in nature, swimming, playing volleyball with friends, hosting people in my home, writing this blog as a form of self-expression, and sharing learnings through my own journey with growth and complicated grief here as well.

What Do I "Do?"

Well, I am Certified Wellness Coach. I received my certification through a NBHWC Approved Program with over 200+ hours of curriculum, live coaching cohorts, and practical assessments. Having credibility in this sense to do what I do is important to me, because coaching is not what one would call a "regulated" profession (and this is a shame because the skillset is incredibly useful - to myself personally, and to those I interact with).

As a coach, I do work with clients 1-1 for either 4 or 12 weeks at a time. My coaching style is rooted in empowerment and focused on your fulfillment, but ultimately, I am an accountability partner at the end of the day. I try to keep one eye on the big picture as we handle setbacks and successes each week, but also like to explore your values and visions. I love group activities because I like to get people in the community involved, so I am constantly scheming ways to bring people together for workshops revolving around your goals, play, and holistic wellness, or to just enjoy each other's company while we pursue a creative outlet.

People who look for a coach usually have a goal in mind that they have or have not had success with in the past. Clients that might gravitate towards me are those in the process of removing a stress coping mechanism that is negatively affecting their holistic wellness. This will be subjective! It could be anything from alcohol use to doom scrolling. These types of coping mechanisms disconnect us from ourselves and our surroundings, preventing us from living a fulfilling life.

Ultimately, my goal for Earthbound Wellness this year is to host more group sessions within the community. Community engagement is big for me, because community is something I struggled with when I moved here over 5 years ago. I don't want to be an "online" coach. I do not want to make "passive" income and coach other coaches online. What I want is to work with people right here in my personal community in Oklahoma. I want to be the friendly neighborhood coach, if you will, with a business fostering local community and connection.

So there you have it! I am accepting new clients, so feel free to reach out with any questions, to introduce yourself, or to set up a free consultation. Finding out if we are a good fit for one another is so important - and you can always rest assured that there are never strings attached when you meet with me if you choose not to move forward.

I am thinking of making that my new slogan at this point.


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