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Earthbound Wellness, LLC

I write this short post today to confirm the completion of my coaching certification, and to share my business name, "Earthbound Wellness, LLC." With 200+ hours of curriculum and 40+ hours of live coaching under my belt, I can now say that I am a Certified Expert Wellness Coach.

Thank you to my friends and family who have supported this shift in career choice. I have been more uncomfortable, insecure, anxious, and stressed by my choice to not return to my normal career than I care to admit. There were times throughout the program when I was so truly anxious and uncomfortable with live coaching sessions between myself and peers, my practical assessments, and my final assessments, that I considered backing out. So to simply know that I made it through, achieved this certification, and now own a functioning business platform, is such a HUGE feat to me. I can honestly say at this point that if I never obtain a single client I will still be proud of reaching this moment.

I have several new long term goals for myself personally and also for my business that I will likely write about later on, but my immediate next step is simply to network and immerse myself in the holistic wellness community here in Tulsa; because as far as clients go - I am open for business. Working with even one client at a time greatly helps me to improve my skills.


If you are reading this and have a goal you are working towards achieving that could use some extra support, or if you know someone who is implementing a lifestyle change and looking for a partner to compliment the process, feel free to send them my way. I am happy to meet virtually or in-person. You can check out my services, background, areas of focus, and program details here.

I have said this before, and I have stated it on my website as well, that my style is meant to be conversational, lax, and fun. We all know ourselves best and unsolicited advice is the fucking worst - even if you went to a coach with the expectation of receiving it. I am in no way an expert, or a consultant. I believe the most productivity comes from a state of where both my client and myself do not know the answer! When we are in this stage, we can tap into creative outlets that work for the client's learning style to brainstorm together. This process is something that is genuinely fun and exciting for me (and hopefully for the client as well). I believe when people are empowered, they are the most motivated to implement changes, and I utilize the skills and tools I have acquired to help clients with this process.

One thing I did discover that I would like to share is that I have learned to trust my process. Six months ago I would not have been able to pass my practical assessments. Six months from now I know that my skills and the use of certain tools will become so much more powerful as I continue to put them into practice, and as I continue to self-educate through readings and workshops. I genuinely have the confidence in peoples' abilities to change and to make changes. I hope to bring that same belief to my clients when they question their own process.

Thank you to my practical assessment clients if you ever read this. I appreciate you more than you realize, and felt incredibly honored to be a part of your individual journeys.

Check out my Instagram throughout the month of September for information and updates on this year's Holistic Wellness Event, organized by The Oklahoma Center for Wellness, on September 23rd, 2023. This event is free to attend! I am currently assisting with the organization of the silent auction and will be set up as a vendor there as well. Come check it out!


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