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6 Tips to Increase Your Water Intake

A short and sweet exploration today answering one question - how can we increase your water intake this year?

The first step in implementing any kind of change is to address how important this is for you. What value does this hold for you? Well, let's explore that. Water is the source of all life for a reason. We need this to survive and should consume water daily, according to the CDC: Water prevents dehydration, constipation, brain fog/headaches, mood changes; and it improves fluidity in the body (think less stiffness), it regulates your body temperature, it removes toxins through urination and sweat, and one of my favorite perks: it helps regulate your appetite, which can help regulate your weight. Water has no calories, and sometimes when you feel "hunger," what your body needs is water.

So, in answering "What value does water intake hold for you?" you might be thinking:

  • I want to experience less headaches

  • I would like more regular bowel movements

  • I am tired of experiencing dry mouth and the symptoms of dehydration

  • I want to get better sleep and wake up with less stiffness

  • I want to be healthier

The list could go on! This question is so applicable for addressing any kind of change you are wanting to implement. Without knowing the answer to that, it will be hard to remember why you chose to make the change in the first place. Which gives us our personal permission to drop that change when things get tough. It's not a weakness, it's totally normal.

So if your plan this year is to increase your water intake, and you have identified the value it holds for you, here are some tips to help you along the way:

  1. If you are a coffee drinker, start your morning with one 8oz. glass of water before your first cup of coffee. Consider adding one 8oz. glass of water in between each cup of coffee - and take it from me, you can chug these 8oz. very quickly. Before you know it - BAM: it's noon, and you have already consumed 24-32oz. of your water intake.

  2. Add Waterloo Sparkling Water to your grocery list and keep them in stock. They are... well, they are just superior. An excellent "treat" to have late at night with your popcorn. 10/10 recommend.

  3. Carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go, especially to work or out to run errands. Investing in a nice water bottle goes a long way here.

  4. Set a timer on your phone for every 30 minutes to an hour to remind yourself during busy days to take a breather and drink 4-8oz of water.

  5. Incorporate hot tea into your afternoons or evenings. Hot tea holds so many benefits for your health and at the end of the day... it's naturally flavored water, for all intents and purposes. Try to avoid caffeinated teas in the evenings.

  6. Explore implementing foods that are naturally hydrating like watermelon, celery, cucumbers, or lettuce.

Exploring different ways that you can view water as a treat, or reward, to work into your daily routine is the best place to begin; similar to how I view sparkling water with my popcorn as a treat, or that 8oz. of water leads to my first cup of coffee. When you play around with adding a glass of water before experiencing these small parts of your day that bring happiness, you'll find it is easier to sustain than you might have originally thought.

Remember that if you are reading this blog today and have not subscribed - new subscribers now receive a free copy of my 28-Day Self-Guided Goal Tracker. This is an excellent learning tool to use for those who are implementing changes just like the water intake discussed today!

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